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You’re so hypnotizing/ could you be the Devil/ could you be an angel



I am posting this as a big thank you to all my followers. You guys are just awesomesauce to me. And season three is almost a month away!
teen wolf co-captain with cast’s commentary

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Twitter bios of the cast of Supernatural. I think there’s something wrong with this cast.




Maybe the greatest gif i have ever come across!

Love this!

HAHAHA! Hardest working fans in the business.




Maybe the greatest gif i have ever come across!

Love this!

HAHAHA! Hardest working fans in the business.




‘Gay Cop Kiss’ Enrages Westboro Baptist Church, Unites Everybody Else

A cop has turned the tables on the Westboro Baptist Church after they posted a photo of him kissing his boyfriend in protest on Twitter…

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Some Hinata Facts <3


Basically how I imagine all the Wincest shippers felt once Cas was introduced.

Based on the notorious Jake from State Farm commercial!


He doesn’t indiscriminately kill random characters.

He intentionally and deliberately kills characters for whom it makes sense to die.

An unusual amount of characters die in his books because most writers won’t commit to realism enough to do the same.

Hallucifer in 7.17 The Born-Again Identity

From the Bottom of my Heart (Pun Intended)by derekstilinskw

They were walking through the hallway and Stiles knew that this could be his last chance of swinging away from the problem that was his attraction for Derek. Though the guy was years younger and less brawny, his aura was the same. The way his arms were always strong and secure and ready to grab anything from miles of distance, the way his chest was braised like a lion instead of a wolf and that self confidence that was his company anywhere he was… So yep, same deadly bad attraction as before. Thinking that a younger self would make you less gay near him? Nope. He still wanted to climb the man, the boy, whatever the fuck he was like a tree. Yuppie. Oh, fuck his life.
— So, big guy, that is not so big anymore hamn — He slid an arm around the guy’s shoulders and Derek’s frown was worse than before. — What’s gonna be the first step into this new teenage world hun? Buy some new leather jacket, one that fits your less developed muscles anyway
— Stiles, shut up! — The guy was getting cranky
— Or make some new friends and I have to say buddy, with that little face of yours…
— Can you stop with the ‘little’ everything?
— Oh wow, you’re bothering that you became little? — Stiles laugh even though he knew that was the exactly wrong thing to do, anyway, when in his life he did the right and appropriate thing again?
— Don’t you dare finish…
At that point they were already near Stiles bedroom so he figured he’d be safe at his own property, I mean, not that this would’ve stop old Derek from pinning him against walls or crashing into the place or smacking his head against his own, his own freaking steering wheel but new Derek was a little bit more comprehensive, right? He was lighter, he had a good sense of humor and maybe, even maybe he could crack a joke. He still was the only one who didn’t put up with Stiles shit, so he didn’t know how he thought he would get along with this one. Oh, fuck his life.
— What? Think your sweet little dick may have shrunk more?
His head was immediately pressed against the wood wall as soon as he was able to close it. Derek’s hand was through his hair and he never felt so glad for letting his hair grow. He felt the hot breath in the nape of his neck and left out a good sigh between his teeth.

— Is that all? C’mon big guy, what do you have?
Derek pressed his hard body and Stiles could feel his strong chest, the hard thighs but most of all, nested against his ass, something hard and hot was pressing in. As fast as he pushed the boy, he pushed himself back in a rush.
— If you say one word, we’re going to that bed and I’ll fuck you. — Derek threaded, but somehow his voice was hoarse and deep and that made Stiles shiver, he was not, no way, absolutely not, not in a lifetime, ever backing up from someone’s threat, especially of a threat from Derek’s sex voice. Oh man, fuck his life.